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Helping little treasures find new loving homes

I believe my obsession with dollhouse miniatures began when I was young, When I was about 9 or 10, my dad started building me a dollhouse in his workshop. I started to gather items to furnish it. Notice the word started was used twice? No, we never did complete that house and I have no idea where it ended up.


I still have a few of pieces I had collected: a rug, a plastic sofa inherited from a cousin, and a bisque baby doll. I grew up and moved on and didn't think about miniatures for a very long time. And then one day at a yard sale, a small box of old furniture caught my attention. It was casually thrown together and a few pieces were broken. It made me sad that something treasured for so many years was now on the side of the road for $5.


I felt compelled to save it, to appreciate these little pieces. That sparked my collection. I've always trended towards vintage modern pieces more than Victorian or Early American, but I appreciate how each piece can bring the creator's world to life.


After a tragedy I lost my home and my business and I began selling my collection. Selling wasn't just for the money, but also to create a more minimal existence. To clear my world to help find clarity. I began practicing yoga for the first time in my life and that helped me in the midst of chaos. I began to see that my passion for miniatures was even stronger when I sent a piece to a new home than when I acquired it. My purpose wasn't about collecting. It was about saving these little pieces, some older than myself and getting them into good hands.


I had the honor of finding a German Dora Kuhn dollhouse, completely furnished, for a family replacing the one left behind when fleeing the Nazis. They wanted the dollhouse to help their grandchildren understand what leaving everything behind meant. Not every piece I pass on changes a life, but vintage miniatures can bring back memories and create a legacy for future generations.


That's why my shop exists, to find new loving homes for the smallest of treasures. Please sign up for the email newsletter for stories about miniatures, collecting, and special offers in the stores.



Stacey Lynn & Lily


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